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The coolest new way of evaluating your essay.

CheckEssay scans for more than 150.000 errors in a text. It will make your writing voice sound bold and help you identify poor parts of your texts.

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Get an instant band score

Just paste your essay and you'll have a clear, detailed report and grades in a minute.

Learn how to write a 24+ essay

A large number of tips and hints await you when you make mistakes when writing an essay

Highlighting your mistakes

Find out instantly what mistakes you made. When you go wrong somewhere, we'll quickly show you how to fix it.

Get help generating ideas

Can't think of what to write? We have thousands of essays on a wide variety of topics to help you.

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What people say about CheckEssay

It's magic for TOEFL students! CheckEssay improved my writing score in just 2 weeks! (I passed the AIT English entrance test. It has the same assessment criteria as TOEFL). It is a very useful tool that makes it easy to predict my test result! I'm going to use it for the next retest and for my university essay.
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Siwarat Pattanasri
I love this service, it looks better than anything I've looked for on the internet. This gives the feeling of carefully studying my text and provides valuable recommendations for improving the essay.
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Marat Satuov
The website is excellent, I have looked at many websites and applications that will allow me to check my essay and also give me some tips for improving it. I've tried many of them, but none of them gave a quick answer like yours. I know not only the band score, but also ways to improve my writing.
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Manpreet Kaur
This is such an ideal program for students like me who are studying for TOEFL alone. I have to say a big thank you to you as CheckEssay is the best I have found in feedback services.
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Thin Naing
A quick and easy way to check all my essays. I'm happy with this service as it provides helpful feedback for my essay and I personally find it really helps me improve my writing skills.
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Kai Shuan
CheckEssay is really great! I really appreciate what you have done for the whole world learning English.
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Thanh Toàn Trần
I love CheckEssay because I can check essays in minutes! In the modern world, it is almost invariable to imagine such a quality service. I analyze it and will constantly monitor it. From me you guys are awesome!
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Mehmoodahmad Ahmad
CheckEssay is a great tool for a student like me. I found it really easy to use and I really like how it highlights my mistakes. I am pleased to accidentally discover your application. This is a very useful site, there are not many types for writing TOEFL. One of the features that impressed me is detail correction. I cannot express how pleased I am with your invention. You are the best.
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Minh Tue Nguyen
Simple and fast service, very precise and powerful. I've been looking for a quick solution for weeks now to get my TOEFL essays checked. This service is the perfect solution.
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Eugeniy Tsymbal

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer? Don't hesitate to reach out!

Who corrects my essays?

It is a computerized correction service based on four official writing criteria. This means your essay will be reviewed online in a few seconds.

Can I trust the service?

The algorithms have been tested on thousands of essays. Each has been designed by TOEFL instructors and EX-TOEFL examiners with years of TOEFL experience.

Can I check an intergrated essay (Task 1)?

Assessment of Task 1 is not available at this time. For now, you can check your essays from Task 2 (Independent Essay).

How many essays can I check with a Premium account?

You can check a million of essays or even more!

Let's check your essay!