Competition is better than cooperation. Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, there are many points of view about this. Personally, I strongly agree with this idea. I am going to support my opinion by providing some reasons and examples. First of all, competition forces everybody to improve their skills at the same time. Does not matter if someone is better than another one. When many people are competing, they try to achieve their goals in the most efficient way. My experience here is when you are seeing different persons in a team struggling with something if they wanna solve it, they will apply and use anything to obtain the results that they want to get. Secondly, sometimes nobody is looking to participate, and then, a trial is the quickest way to reach the objectives. Moreover, in some situations, is too hard to push up projects when people don't wanna support them. Furthermore, participation could decrease productivity in those cases. For example, if some people agree with no partnership, you need a change in the structure team. In comparison, games may avoid this problems. Finally, in a struggle, you can distinguish how are the behavior of your team members. Often, there are one or two members that are pursuing to obtain more relevance in the group,and with that, they will do everything to achieve the goals. In this sense, sometimes, those things are not the best for the entire group of people. Besides the team leader's responsibility, every one of the members in a group must to keeping a good environment of work. I remember many examples of this case, in which when the competition is happening you can see what are the best and the worst workers. In conclusion, for many reasons, I strongly agree with the event is better than assistance. This is because it forces everybody to improve and also, allows us to reach out quicker to the objectives.
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