Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? I think there is too much violence in movies. Give specific reasons and examples to support your response.

Movies are considered to be the most significant way that every country uses to present their culture in front of the whole earth. Although some of these films depend completely on fighting, there are many people who would rather watch them and love these scenes a lot. Therefore, I strongly believe that hard action in these movies has an essential role in achieveing success for them for many reasons. First and foremost, violence in most films increases the attention of people toward their main meaning of them. As a result, the audiences at the end of the movie have known the issue as well as its solution. For instance, the Godzilla movies explained the bad effect of the nuclear bombs that had shoted Japan many years ago. This film has a lot of actions and details that demonstrate the miserable situation of people there at that time because of the bomb. Moreover, since that peast had been created from the nuclear effect, humans there and all over the world had suffered very much. This example illustrates the fact that earth war I was the main reason for the problems that happened to not only Japan but the wide world as well. Furthermore, action movies not only try to convey an issue for people or spread awareness among them but also they sometimes oppose the government in many of their arbitrary decisions. For example, the government of Egypt announced that everyone will pay extra fees because they need to repay some money to the banks. All humans there disagreed with that decisions because they it is not their busniess to repay to banks, so there are many films created to show people the governmental terrorism. Consequently, the government stopped taking feesfrom humans due to these movies To sum up, despite the fact that humanity seeks to get rid of violence by way or another, it is sometimes required to show the truth of what they are doing in the world. Nonetheless, watching many of them can cause damage to any person,yet it is so significant to survive.
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