Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is often not a good thing for people to move to a new town or country because they lose their old friends. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

It is a lucid fact that friends play significant role in every individual's life. In this line, one question usually raised regarding this idea is whether staying in one place for a long time can make unexpected progress in people's future life. Some people are inclined toward the opinion that moving to a new city can make a big risk for a person and it could adversely affect her future life. Some others, however, maintain the opposite view. As far as I am concerned, It will be much more beneficiary for humanity to go to other places where they have never been before. In the subsequent paragraphs, I will pinpoint some outstanding reasons. The first remarkable reason that should be mentioned is that what makes people think about a new place is its positive effects on their future life. To put it in other words, people should take risks and slow down their dependence on their friends and families. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. I continued my study in Japan and I have been there for two years. Although it was my first experience living alone in an unfamiliar environment, I get to know people with different cultures and interests. Consequently, not only Could learn Japanese as well as desired, but also I made new friends. Another reason which should be taken into account is that new areas are pretty challenging so that provides more opportunities for people around the world and it affects their progression in the long run. Also, the advent of technology including cellphones and airplanes which in turn help people to be in contact with their old friends. My personal experience is an example. Although my intimate friend had many intimate friends in her town and had enjoyable days there, it was difficult for her to find a suitable job. Therefore, she was forced to leave her city and she went to a major city where she could find a proper career guaranteeing her future life. Two years later she sent me a invitation letter to meet her in person. If she had not gone there, She would not have found such a job and provided the chance for me to see the place where he was. To sum up, If one weighs the merits and the demerits of the above statements, One soon realizes that moving to a new place is the better option even if ends up losing old friends. This is because human beings can make new friends, also, they can experience new life with a prospective career.
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