Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Human activity is making the earth a worse place to live. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Most people concur ,that we are influencing and inflicting permanent changes to our planet. In my opinion ,we change it for the worse. I feel this way for two reasons ,which I'll explain in the following essay. To begin with, humans pollute earth in different ways. There're all kinds of pollution: soil, water, air, noise and even light pollution. As a result, there hardly is a place in the world that has not been affected by humans's thoughtless actions, and that has still preserved it's natural beauty and clean, untouched environment. For example , not so long ago I've read fairly disturbing news, about a formation of waste islands in the oceans. These are not actual islands, as one might think, but are actually made completely out of rubbish. They are numerous and scattered across the whole surface of the world sea, however the biggest one out of them all is situated in the Pacific ocean and is around... km in total! The second reason why I consider human actions to have a negative effect on the planet Earth is because of the global warming. There're actually ample reasons for the temperature of the atmosphere to increasingly rise year by year, and most of them are without any doubt human related. Our motor vehicles and factories produce carbon dioxide in such enormous qualities ,that the air can't help warming up , which as a result causes all kinds of natural catastrophies all around the world. From my experience, I heard a story that demonstrated me ,that it's all true. A good friend of mine once went to India for her vacation ,and stayed in a town close to the sea. One day she had, as she explained, lived through the most traumatic experience in her life. What she was talking about was a sea overflow during a ... season, which, as the experts reported ,was a consequence of climate change. This shows us ,that global warming has drastic and harmful effects both on the human race and the planet as a whole. In conclusion , I strongly believe ,that people are causing tremendous damage to the earth and make it an awful place to exist on. It's true due to pollutions, global warming , which consequently leads to climate change and natural disasters, that are almost fully human inflicted.
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