People have a lot of opinions about the value of advanced education. Which do you think is the most important reason to attend college or university? Use reasons and examples to support your answer. ● new experiences ● career preparation ● increased knowledge Use specific details and examples in your answer

Since then, education has been pivotal in shaping individuals and societies as it encourages personal growth and societal progress. Today, it is clear that education is not merely a means to acquire knowledge, but also a medium to empower individuals, foster critical thinking, and build a foundation for a prosperous future. We have witnessed a myriad of students getting rejected by their dream companies despite having a high level of intelligence. Thus, I believe that advanced education is important to nurture students to become all-rounders so that they can prepare themselves for their careers soon. To begin with, college or universities offers a lot of clubs and competition participation opportunities. Mingling around with people of the same interest as you while having a project to work on is absolutely mind-opening. Based on my experience, I used to join a coding competition during my college days. Through that, I got to meet new people and made friends with them because we had to burn the midnight oil to find solutions to our problems. It tightens our bond and it actually did have a big impact on my life. Going to the other universities for competitions made me talk to an actual professional and a high-level programmer, and in return, we exchanged contacts. Just like that, I have built a connection and I got to participate in a lot other competitions that are not advertised widely. Besides that, joining these activities has helped me to think more creatively and critically as well as improve my social skills such as public speaking skills to pitch our products. I believe that interacting skills with new people come with experience. These are all the qualities that I can put down in my resume in order for me to stand out from other applicants. Even in college settings, I stood out among other applicants and I got enrolled into a good university. That’s why, education shall be a career preparation so that it can benefit us in the long term. Other than that, I also believe that colleges or universities train us to manage our expectations. While we do go to college to gain more knowledge and get all the experiences, we shall live in real-world situations such as not achieving our expectations. In the current office settings, there will be a lot of pressure being put on us to meet certain criteria. However, university students shall not fret about it because they are trained to manage their expectations so that they will not be too happy when they succeed and not be too sad when they failed. Based on my own compelling experience, I used to be a star student and I always get what I wanted such as scores and fame. Despite that, upon entering college, I’m on my own without a guide from the lecturer to do my assignments and that makes my self-esteem to be very low because I scored lower than what I expected. However, over time, I started to become more relaxed and calm whenever things do not go on my way because I believe there’s always a rainbow after rain. That’s how I actually repaid myself and passed with flying colors in my Computer Science exam. All in all, I believe that advanced education is definitely vital as it prepares you to face the reality of work life. In conclusion, I believe that education must be seen from a perspective of a long-term thinker. They will see it as a career preparation because universities or colleges expose us to curriculum activities and also train us to manage our expectations.
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