Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Visiting museums is the best way to learn about a country. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Traveling is one of the most interesting ways to expand our knowledge about culture, tradition, history and other features of a country. If someone travels to a country, he/she will wonder that what he/she should do to study about that country. In my point of view, I suggest he/she should visiting museums. I totally agree with the statement that visiting museums is the best way to study about a country. First of all, there are many different types of museums in a country like historical museum, art museum, cultural museum and so on. Each of them represents an aspect of a country. If you really yearn to explore a country, you should learn characteristics of that country like tradition, history, culture, etc. Therefore, no place is better than museums for that purposes. For example, when a friend of mine from Belgium, Eric, went to Vietnam, he brought a guide book about Vietnam. He told me that “The guide book is good but it is boring, because I really don’t want to just read a book. I can do it anywhere, but now I’m in Vietnam and I want something more interesting”. On the next couples of days, he leaved the guide book and went to museums. And of course, he absolutely had nothing to regret with his decision. Second, I think that visiting museums is the best enjoyable and effective way to study about a country. In museums, we can see a lot of pictures and other things with very detailed descriptions about culture, history, traditions, etc of a country. We also are easy to understand about them by the representations of the museum’s guides. There is some information that you will never able to find them successfully if you don’t go to museums. For instant, when I traveled to China last year, I searched much information about China in the internet. I though the information that I had found is sufficient for me to know China. But I totally changed my mind when I went to a historical museum in Beijing. That museum has so many interesting things about China that I didn’t know. Along with some stories about Chinese tradition and culture, told by my friends, I had to admit that the time in museum is the most interesting time of my trip in China. In summary, visiting museums will not only help us to explore many features of a country, but also it is the interesting way to study about that country. Therefore, in my view, if someone asks me which best way to discover a country, I will suggest visit the museums is far better.
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