Telephones or Televisions which is better and why? Include details and example.

In modern days, people rely on many technologies, like telephone, television and so on, in order to do their routines. Even though the TV programs influence a lot of aspects of human beings' life as follows, getting news, general information, amusement and so forth; but, I, personally, think the telephone is more important in people's life in comparison to television. It causes getting communication easily and using the services of emergencies. It also prepares a convenient way to order products and requirements like booking restaurants, hotel and other such things. In the first place, accessing to telephone, people will be able to get communication, with everyone wanted, without any restriction of time and distance. They can do their businesses, friendships, common tasks and more of the same comfortably by telephone. It is not to mention that in every individual's life, some emergencies will be happen in which they need others' help. In these conditions if there isn’t any access to telephone, they would be frustrated and even sometimes maybe encounter with perils and dangers. In the opposite, lacking of TV will not cause noticeable harms, especially they can compensate the lack of television by services of internet, they will be able read news, be up-to-date, and also watch amusement programs. For instance, once I got car broke down on a remote road, I didn’t access to anyone, and I called rapidly Roadside assistance. I don’t know what I had done, if I hadn’t phone. Secondly, people can use of telephone services for many demands like ordering food, reserving books, booking hotels and so, by which human beings will live more convenient and help them to save time. They can manage their time and be punctual more and more with telephone services. For instance, as an employee who is going to go vacation some days later, is working in their enterprise, simultaneously, he or she can use telephone services and book a hotel and restaurant for the exact time they want; order the travel equipment; rent car; and so on. In summary, in my opinion, the services and influences of telephone is not comparable with those of television. In many cases, telephone has not any substitute, in the opposite, lack of TV-programs can compensate by internet. Telephone give opportunity to people in order to communicate, handle emergencies, and do their routines and so on.
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