Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Nowadays, it is better for children to grow up in the countryside than in a large city. Use specific reasons and examples to develop your essay

Every person wants his kid to have the best childhood , to be healthy, and to live in a proper environment. However, there is a difference in what people believe is the best place to raise a kid , whether it is a tiny village or a roaring city. In my opinion ,the city is certainly the best place you could choose for your offspring for several reasons. The first reason is high-quality education . It's hardly a secret that the best schools are situated in developed megapolises, like NYC , London, Paris ,etc., which is why kids living in these areas benefit from it immensely in regards to secondary schools available. That absolutely doesn't extrapolate the possibilities of middle or lower-class individuals to self-study or be lucky enough to get great teachers from where they live and to succeed later in life, however, the statistics still show that people from upper-class families in big cities tend to get into better colleges, thrive in academics and in a workplace. Second reason for starting a family in a town , rather than in the countryside is the plentiful of different entertainment options , like movies , amusement parks ,and roller skating. They help us relax and unwind in our free time , get some life experience ,and provide more opportunities to socialize and get acquainted with new people. In the countryside however options are limited and it would be could a challenge to find something to your liking on an everyday basis, which could bore you and not be auspicious to widen your horizons and develop an open-minded mindset. To conclude , it is more beneficial to raise kids in a city since it offers a variety of possibilities , like better schools and ample free time options, which can serve for development in academics and in practical and social skills.
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