People today spend too much time on personal enjoyment- doing they like to do rather than they should do. Do you agree or disagree with the statement explain with examples.

The allocation of time of individuals in their activities varies person to person. In my opinion, humans are spending most of the time for pleasure than the goal oriented or target oriented activities. Which I will explore with three reasons in the following essay. Firstly, the major thing that is hindering the hard work of individuals is definitely social media. Since peoples are wasting their valuable time just scrolling the cell phone and laying on the bed. For instance, my friend Sameer was a bright student during his school days and he always recieved a good position but these days I always find him with his mobile and just giggling. How such a good student loosed his pace, I am worried. Secondly, the technological advancement made an impact in livelihood and spending of the time between individuals. For example, Sishir worked so hard and he completed his assignment taking five days but another student in the same class finished the same work within an hour by the use of internet. Thus, the most of the students now rely on internet than collecting information from books and editing, rephrasing. So, the studnets are assured that it is easy work than laborious. Lastly, most of the peoples are mentally and physically weak in the recent years. Individuals are weak in mentally state since a lot are depressed and they are not fiitted. I think, such a tiredness has triggered that they could not perform the required activities and plans. An explanation of this statement, we find very less people jogging and in also the meditation class than that of the prevoius years. Thus, social media, technologies advancement, weakness has contributed the society to enjoy much more than working hard and try to pursue a better future. A lot of peple have consumed their time recklessly just to keep their laziness and unhealthy lifestyle.
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