do you agree or disagree with the following statement: playing computer games is a waste of time. children should not be allowed to play them.

Although many people disagree with the fact that video games are a waste of time for children and they should not be allowed to play them, I think otherwise. I agree with the statement due to several reasons such as taking away children's time to read books and learn as well as stopping them from being creative and weakening their social skills by making them isolated from society which I will explain more in this essay. I believe that childhood is the time to learn essential information such as history, science and life skills. Nowadays, video games have stopped young people from reading books and learning about matters mentioned earlier. For instance, one of the twin cousins is not into video games and would like to spend her time reading history books but the other one wastes his time sitting behind the computer for hours to play video games. that disruptive habit has caused him not to be able to perform as well as his other schoolmates in elementary school including his own sister. Also, I believe Video games are a waste of time because they make children isolated. I think it is essential for kids to socialize and make friends. Youngsters can strengthen their social skills as well as so many other essential life skills when they socialize. For instance, I believe the reason why my brother does not have any friends and struggles with communication is due to the fact that he wastes his time playing video games and this keeps him from socializing with other kids. Additionally, I think Video games have taken away kids' creativity by preventing them from using their imaginations to make games to play. I believe it is essential for children to be creative in order to have a brighter future. For instance, my sister and our neighbors daughter, which is my sister's best friend, used to have the dream of getting into a creative writing program in junior high school to be able to get into a better high school in future. Unfortunately, I believe the reason why my sister could not get into that program was due to wasting her precious time on video games which stopped her from having an imaginative mind and limited her creativity. In conclusion, I completely agree with the statement and i Illustrate my disagreement by providing reasons such as the video games' effect on stopping children from being creative, preventing them from learning,and limiting their social skills by isolating them.
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