Teacher's ability to relater well with students is more important than excellent knowledge of the subject being taught

In the theory, the public believes that professors with a high degree of education are more important than who have empathy with students. In fact, many people that I know have this premisse, but I totally agree with the statement that teachers that take care with the class have positive result with students. There are several reasons why I support this opinion as follows. To begin to illustrate my point of view, individuals learn more on an comfortable environment, as a consequence they have good score when compared to a unfriendly environment. Hence, this idea is also applicable young people during the class. For example,when I was a child, I used to be terrible in math because my teacher did not help me and always criticized my performance. Thus, I was not a good student in the high school and I developed difficult to express my doubts. In contrast, in middle school I had a great teacher that helped me, and thanks to she I improved myself in math. Another argument that I would like to make to support my opinion is that publics needs to have a positive experience during learning. This way, students could have a good performance and develop habilities. Take me as an example. I am an unversity professor, and nowadays I tried understand my undergraduate students to creat a warmy atmosphere. Thence, students can give feedbacks about their difficults to I understand better. In conclusion, considering all the reasons outlined above it is easy imagine people prefer friendly to highly qualified teachers. Indeed, in my own experience, professors with more empathy get great results in a classroom, although there is a misconception that highly intelligent professors are the best. For these motivations, I believe that professors should be focused more in an aspect human than technical knownledge.
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