Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? At Christmas and at birthdays, it is always better to give than it is to receive. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Do not use memorized examples.

For most of people Christmas is the best time of year. Time of union among the families, a time of love, and time to receive presents. In the same way people like to birthday because they explain that they adore receive presents. In this context, some people ask themselves if is better give ou receive presents. In my opinion, I prefer giving present than got one. To start, when I give a present to someone, it creates a fantastic feeling inside my heart. Besides is great to see other person with big eyes, surprised with present. I think that there is no immense emotion like this. Let's as example the birthday of my son Lucas. He always request me a new toy from the Disney movie. He love the astronaut. But I was saying to him that I did not have any money to buy and that toy was very expensive. Nobody can deny that claiming something like this to a child is the same that give a shot in his heart. I bought the astronaut and made a brilliant present. When came the great day, I gave to him. You cannot imagine his happiness when he saw the toy. He started to cry and I made the same. The sensation of to see that scenery was unforgettable and I will never forget that. My second point is I have all things that I want. I do not need any thing. Apart from this, god was great with me and I have all the things that I need. As a example, I have a excellent house, an amazing car and wonderful family. What I could want more? Even though, when I got a present to someone, I do not have a great emotion and I am not feel so happy than I give present to somebody. To conclude, I know that many people like to got a present in Christimans or in their birthdays and I understand that. But, on the contrary, I prefer give present instead receive because I feel better and In contrast, I am not feel so well when I receided.
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