1. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People who are arrested for selling drugs should not be imprisoned. Instead, they should be rehabilitated. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Do not use memorized examples.

Nowadays we live hard days. Unfortaly, drugs are a reality that the world has learned to deal with. In this context, there are great debates about what to do with those who are arrested for selling drugs. Should they be rehabilitated or imprisoned? In my opinion, who are arrested for drugs must be put for rehabilitation rather than imprisoned. First of all, those people are victims of drugs. Nobody in better conscience starts to use prohibited substances. Everybody knows that those types of substances make harm the body. Drugs affect the human system, especially the brain. People went out of the better behavior and got crazy. Another change that the drugs bring to the person is that he becomes a slave to them. With time, people need more and more drugs to satisfy their organism. As a consequence, the victims begin to sell drugs as a mode of buying more drugs for themselves. Putting those people in jail would not solve the trouble nor those people selling drugs. Second, in a great part of cities of the world, the multitude of imprisoned are in constantly increasing and it is not a better place to correct drugs. Cities like Sao Paulo, New York, and Mexico City are good examples of this. Taking a drug and becoming him a prisoner will just increase those numbers without any solution. Besides, prisons are the worst place to teach good things. On the other hand, the drug would learn how to steal and kill people with the best professors. Definity is the wrong pathway to resolve this impasse. Finally, we have to keep in mind that people that sell drugs are consumers of them. In other words, they are users of drugs. They need to make a treatment, they need attention, they need love. Things that they do not have or never had in their lives. There are so many clinics in the world with this purpose, to help them to liberty of drugs. Researchs have shown one person leads five years on average to uncontaminated drugs. In addition, the number of new cases is increasing every year. But, the good news is that accompanying the number of new cases, the number of people that obtain the cure is increasing as well. It brings us to ope that treatment is the best way to drive this issue. To conclude, While some people consider that those who are selling drugs have to go to jail, I totally disagree with them. Personally, I believe that the better of the two words would be rehabilitation because those people are victims of drugs, prisons usually will not become them great citizens and medical treatment will bring better days to the future.
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