Describe a fear you had to overcome. How did you overcome it?

Not too long ago I attend for my first basketball match. I felt like I got butterflies in my stomach. I remembered that afternoon I had several text messages telling me to break a leg. I was feeling anxious, scared and didn't know what to do. I came over to my coach and asked how to performs better and overcome my fear. Well he simply implied, "Just try your best and have fun." Then I observed those tips and used some of my own which helped me to win that game and I did absolutely amazing. I'm going to explore you about how I overcome my fear in the following essay. To begin with, as my coach said, just have fun and relax. What does actually means? Well for instance, you will do better in everything when you're relaxing which means not being stress or focusing on something too much. Also have fun, you can do something while having fun and I guarantee you that your outcome will be so much better than if you're too stress on it. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. As I said above, while I was playing in the match, I tried to keep myself calm and telling my self to have fun. I tried to play like how I practices alone because I played extremely well while practicing or playing alone because no one were watching. So that's what I did and it helps me a lot. Playing while relaxing also helps my body to move more freely and smoothly. In order to relax you need to inhale and exhale calmly and keep your breath steady. Well those are just the tips that my coach told me. I also applied these tricks to help me to overcome my fear. Firstly, don't thing of other people opinions and don't listen to them. They're just trying to get in your way and distracts you. When the game starts, all I think about is my self and how to win this game. The people sitting on the sidelines were yelling and giving negative attitudes but I didn't care at all. Last but not least, think positive. For example think of a positive outcome. I was thinking how amazing would feels like after winning my first basketball game so all I imagine in my mind is me winning the game and getting notices by everyone. I strongly advise everyone to follow theses tips if you're struggling to overcome your fears because I tried it and it had help me a lot and I ensure you that you will overcome your fears of you give these tips a try.
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