Students who are given grades work harder than those who are not. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Our studying period of life when we go to the university is the most important period ever. It is the time when we make mistakes and improve ourselves due to ones. Some people believe that it is very useful to grade students for their mistakes or achievements, because this is the only way to teach them work harder. Personally, I agree with this statement and there are two reasons why I feel this way. To begin with, making mistakes is a normal process we need to trust. More likely it is not the only option for learning but the effective one. Thus, if our mentors will not tell us about mistakes how could we know about them? However, it is not enough only to show the mistake, it is necessary to grade the student, to provide a feedback and therefore motivate the student to work better on it’s skills. It also can be very stressful for students and can damage their mental health, but it always depends on the amount of homework and research given if we are speaking about research universities. Secondly, to be a specialist in your professional field you need to have some competitive skills. Speaking about the university I cannot mention that this is a place where people not only receive knowledge, but also learn how to be better than others. For example, In the university I study at, there is a student rating which is updated every semester. It is very useful for me to know at the which place I am, because It makes me more motivated than before. Moreover, when a university has a grand for excellent students it is the best way to inspire them doing theirs work in the most efficient and effective way. To summarize, students with given feedback as a grade could be more competitive specialists in the future. It seems to be very stressful, but this is a great chance to improve your life-being. Such as specialists are more paid than others and can have a good career history as well. Also, it is known that skills you have learned while your study may help you not only in your professional way.
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