books can be divided into two main types: fiction and non-fiction. which of these two types do you generally prefer to read?

Every book has its own importance to be in our bookshelf. They help us to have great worldview and huge source of knowledge and to understand people in our lives. There are many types of books, but they are divided into two main groups: fiction and non-fiction. The main differences are mentioned below. Fiction books such as novels are entertaining. They are fulled of little stories which can keep people to read it continuously. Every chapter of these books is finished in that way that you wish to go further and continue to read. Also, they usually describe events in such way that you feel like you watch a film. Although fiction books are interesting, the non-fiction ones are also fascinating as much as fiction ones. As a rule, they are about the life which is around us. They do not have only entertainment part, but, also, have a huge educational meaning. For example, self-help books assist us to know our life in many points of view, to understand ourselves, what we want from this life. Historical ones help us to review what kind of people were our ancestors and to understand their mistakes. Learning all this we not only do not fail, but also understand why there were wrong. Personally, I adore to read fiction books. I love to read them, since I have mentioned earlier, they are entertaining and are like movies. They are full of stories which are breathtaking and I like to read every chapter whit these feeling. I enjoy every minute of reading them. As a corollary of this, I will say, that every book has its own significance. They fill our life with interesting stories and information which will help us in our lives. Every type of book which is mention here should be lovely for us.
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