1. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Football involves too much physical contact and should be banned. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Do not use memorized examples.

When it comes to violence on football I know that a lot of people would like violents sports could never more exist, others do not have the same opinion. While both perspectives may be valid, I believe that sports such football could not be banned because there are a lot of people that adore, players have protection equipaments and accidents happen in very rare cases. First of all, football is the lovest sport in The United States. Many people like to watch football in stadium or on television. Many people buying tickts to all the season. Families go to assist the games and have funy. How could they live without football? Furthermore, this sport movement so much money per year. A lot of big companies beat in football. In the same way, many people work behind this great sport, since the president of club untill the cutter grass. The end of this sport will represent a great harmful to economie of those companies and will put huge numbers odf employees out job. Without a doubt, banned football would not be a great idea. Another important point that is important highlight is that inspire of football is a sport of contact, and players have excellent equipment to protect them. When the game was created a long time ago, this equipment was rigoruos studying to avoid accidents. All the bodies of the players have protection such as the head, arms, and legs. The probability to happen some injury is real but wearing that protection reduces it much more. Besides, coaches and players know strategies to fall on the floor and to hit another player to avoid injuries. Finishing with football is unnecessary because the sport is security. Finally, accidents in football could happen as had happened before but the statistics numbers show that they never was too imense. The Academy Magazine of Sports, the biggest one in Sports, point out that in the last ten years the accidents involve football players has down 80%. That is unbelievable score. It is more than evident that banning this sport is the worst decision to do. Football seems violent because is a contact game, but other sports are as well like basketball and soccer. To conclude, although could seem that football is a dangerous sport the benetits to maintain in action outweigh the drawbacks. In my poit of view, football could not be banned because many people love, many companies and people would be harmful and the players have great protection equipment to keep them save.
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