Question: In many places, students must arrive very early in the morning to attend school. Some people believe that starting the school day early is the best approach to support learning, but others believe that starting the school day at a later time in the morning would be better for students. Which view do you agree with and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Everybody has their own habits in learning. Some people want to wake up early in the morning, while others want to stay awake all night and sleep when the sun is in the sky. Thus, the first group can learn things in the morning, but the second group prefers the evening, and their intellectual efficiency rises up at night. Personally, I would rather start learning at a later time. I feel this way because of two main reasons: Firstly, according to some surveys, there are many children who hate school just because they want to sleep more in the morning. Sleeping at night under the pressure of their parent and waking up in the morning while their eyes are still closed is one of the most terrible parts of their life. Their important concern in the class is not lessons but sleeping. Teachers should make a lot of attempts to keep them awake. So, it is not a beneficial procedure. For instance, one of my friends always got a bad grade because he was asleep in class. He was even asleep in the exam session. Nobody knows why some schools have an obligation to start class very early in the morning. Therefore, I believe they should give options to their students. And this is why I prefer a school with classes later. Secondly, experiments show that people who start reading at their best proficiency learn better and understand more practically. If we look at this article, neuter, we admit it is a logical finding. For example, imagine how it is silly if we force all of the students to go to school at midnight. This is a mistake because we know that many families work days and sleep at night. But we also know that all families are not the same. As a result, some people cannot learn in the morning. And I believe that this works for jobs too. One of my friends is looking for a job that starts at noon and ends at night, but he has been unsuccessful for three years. In fact, he was unemployed for three years just because of the timing of waking up. Hence, I am of the opinion that later classes are better. In conclusion, I suggest that no school should force children to wake up early in the morning. Therefore, we can help them learn to be more efficient. And also, don't hate school. This is my experience after more than twenty years of studying in schools and universities.
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