Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? At universities and colleges, sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should receive equal financial support. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Many universities and colleges in Japan are currently concerned about how to allocate their budgets to grow students' talents and attract potential students. Some argue that focusing financial support on classes and academic facilities is essential to raise their reputation. However, others claim that they should equally support sports and social activities to help students find their curiosities and pursue them. In my opinion, sports and extracurricular activities should receive equal financial support as classes and libraries to help students grow their talents and follow their interests. To begin with, enough financial support for sports could help many students grow their physical talents to become professional sports players in the future. For instance, my classmate in the university was skilled at playing tennis and participated in many national competitions. To support her in becoming stronger, my university invested enough money to build a new gym and hire new trainers. As a result, she got first prize in many national and international competitions. She has succeeded in becoming a professional tennis player and participated in many prestigious competitions, such as the Olympic games. Moreover, currently, my university attracts many high school students to enter and helps them to pursue their careers as professional players. In addition, allocating enough financial support for social activities is beneficial for students to find and follow their curiosities. For example, my cousin's college focused on education on Health and Welfare and equally invested in related courses and volunteer activities. The students could understand the problems from various perspectives by taking classes and engaging with community services. These experiences led him to follow his interest in welfare issues and to become a social worker. Now, his college is popular among high students to become social workers and help unprivileged people. In conclusion, universities and colleges should equally support sports and social activities as classes and libraries. This is because sports and social activities are as essential as facilities and courses for students to grow their talents and pursue their curiosities. After they successfully support their students to fulfill their goals, they could raise their reputation to welcome many potential students.
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