Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on the specific points made in the reading passage.

Recently there has been a huge debate about deforestation. More specifically, the author in the passage discusses that deforestation in some ways has some benefits for the people, such as increasing the economic status and stabilizing food security. However, the professor in the listening section disagrees. He believes that deforestation can cause lots of damage for nature and also people in the future. He states that the author has not considered the long-term effect of this action. In the reading passage, the writer begins by stating that deforestation action is needed because it can raise the crops and livestock due to the raising of population. As people in the world increase, they need food to survive. The author also claims that by increasing the farmlands, it can become an addition to state revenue by doing export. However, the professor disagrees to this claim, he states that the reduction of rainforest by deforestation can cause lots of problems for nature, he gives an example that in Brazil, more than 60% of rainforest has been destroyed by people just for their needs, he also claims the production of livestock can be increased by doing hydroponic instead of cutting the forest, a new method of farming that does not require soil. Moreover, the author in the reading passage claims that deforestation is a way to increase the resident area due to the increase of population. By expanding the area of living, it will create an economic live and give benefits to regional economy. The professor disagrees with this viewpoint. He states that humans should not focus only on economic problems but also concentrate to nature difficulties. Many kinds of animals such as insects, mammals, reptiles and others are displaced due to the deforestation. In addition, deforestation will reduce the capacity of earth in producing Oxygen, since 20% of world’s Oxygen is created by the rainforest. Finally, the writer also emphasizes that deforestation will give benefit as it opens jobs opportunity in forestry industries such as paper and furniture, especially in developing countries such as Thailand, Brazil and Indonesia. Again, the professor is doubtful about this claim. He states that in fact, wood industries only give small salaries to the workers, and it is not worth compared to this life-threatening job. In conclusion, both the author and the lecturer hold conflicting views about deforestation. The professor definitely counters
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