Do you prefer to use a laptop or a desktop computer? Explain.

Today, people have a big choice between laptops and desktop computers. So which do I prefer? personally, I prefer a laptop because a laptop is great for taking notes in class, portable, and affordable. A laptop is very suitable for taking notes in class. For example, I am a University student and usually use my laptop to take notes in classes. I feel that is so convenient, without my laptop, I‘d have to take notes by hand, but it is so slow and my handwriting is not good too. However, with my laptop, I can quickly take notes and search for information on the internet, which helps me save more time. Imagine I take notes on a desktop computer, I can’t bring it to my classes, it is impossible. As you can see, a laptop is designed for taking notes in class. Also, a laptop is portable. For Example, I am a person who loves to change my workspace. Today I can study in my dorm, but tomorrow, I will go to the library, a coffee shop, or a park, anywhere that has a seat and I can use wi-fi to do my work. Because a laptop is portable, I can do these things easily. In addition, a laptop is affordable. For instance, a few years ago, laptops is very expensive for students, and there are very few choices. However, now laptop is more varied and cheaper. It is good for me in particular and for students in general. It helps me save more money to buy other school things like books. In the final analysis, I definitely prefer a laptop because it is great for taking notes in class, portable, and affordable. What more do I need?
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