If you could make one important change in a school you attended, what change would make? Use reasons and examples to support your answer.

School has always been like a second home to me. Apart from Scientific or theoretical knowledge,we learn the gist of being human at our school. If I was to suggest a change in my schooling system, then that would have been a more practical learning experience. Firstly, my school was very small and had a single building and one playground. In that,we had very few labs. Labs were not always equipped with the apparatus we needed for the experiments. We always had to just believe in our teachers that how the results of that science lab came. We had one computer lab, with few computers it was hard for every student to get a turn and learn about the computers. Secondly, I passed out from the SSC board. It is a Maharashtra board. It would have helped us to get good grades if we had the knowledge fitted into our brains through visual representation. Powerpoint presentations, Videos, industry visits,or even guest lectures help students to build their confidence in a particular topic. I remember, we went to see a factory where the biscuits were made. I can still tell you the process of how a production line works, that is because I saw it and I experienced it. It made a very clear image in my head of how mass production works. Lastly, I would say, there are so many plausible explanations as to why schools should shift to a more visually engaging learning experience for students. So if my school was to change one thing then it definitely is all about the implementation of a Digital Learning platform. However, I have loved my institution no matter what. It always has that special place in your heart. It is where all your learning, making,friends,and our personality starts to develop. Today digital learning holds a very great place in the world.
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