Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? If you do not make sure other people (especially influential people or your employers) know about your strengths and accomplishments, you will never get successful in life.

In today’s world, people are concerned about their future. They seek for sectors to guarantee their successful and benefits. Some prefer to influence others by showing themselves how they capable. Although, it can incite other people to work harder, but I personally believe that to reaching goal and prosperity is not necessary to people know what accomplishments and skills I have. In what follows, I will elaborate on my reasons. 70 To begin with, it is a time-consuming affair to show people what achievement and ability have and create a negative competition atmosphere. Since people have to dedicate time and energy to prove themselves and guide the surrounding in which way they like, so they focus on what they had done in the past all day. As a result, they may lose their way to reach their goal. In addition, when some people act like this in a particular environment, they lead others to care about their achievement and show-off. Thus, all members of a group struggle into a competition that is neither healthy nor constructive. Consequently, when people want to others know about their abilities, not only keep themselves away from their success, but also it causes others to competes each other in inappropriate manner. 135 Second, the more people work on themselves, the more approaches to their goal, and it does not rely on the employee or influential people know about one’s ability and capability. To elaborate on, people must compare themselves with their past and put effort to enhance more and more in their field to reach prosperity in their life. Also, they can put someone, who is really successful man, as an example for themselves and try to become like that one or even better. In fact, they can reach to success by focusing on their ability, and try hard to avoid distractions. For example, in work place, maybe, showing your power and strength can control the surrounding and lead you to think you are successful, but this sense is temporary and the company may hire someone more capable than you. So, instead of showing other how much you have ability, it is better to promote yourself in order to stay on top. 160 In conclusion, individuals do not need to attempt to make aware others about their strength in order to reach successful in their life. This is because not only is a time-consuming and prevent people to do not reach their aim, but also by more effort people can acquire the success. 50
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