Do you agree or disagree with the following statement. In my country, young people have better lives than their parents had when they were young. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Most people in the world think that parents had better lives when they were young than young people now. However, personally I believe that young people life is better. In view of the fact that technology develops every day, and young people have more opportunities in their life. Also, social awareness has increased, which made our life much better. There are two reasons why I feel this way, which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, technology has instantly changed our lives. Nowadays people have more opportunities in their education, and work because of the technologies. Many people are working online, which is more convenient, and effective. Therefore, instead of going to school, or university for many years, and study subjects that will be unnecessary for your future, you can take some educational courses online, and learn skills that will be useful for your profession. While our parents did not have online classes, computers, or mobile phones to make studying much easier. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. After school, instead of going to college, I started taking online management courses, to evolve my skills in a diverse spheres of business. I studied seven months there. It was a wonderful experience for me to study new things, and develop my knowledge of business. Likewise, I had an internship for three weeks and then I started working in one of the best companies. And that’s the reason why I think that online courses are more educational than schools, that our parents had to go in their period of time. Furthermore, in these days society is more open-minded, and supportive to other people. Humans were not independent in a past years. Owing to the fact that discrimination was increasing every day. And society in that period of time can judge each other for their race, age, gender, religion and other staff. But with the development of life, the worldview of people also developed as well. People have become much more free to think. For instance, in my own community, there are adolescent people with different races, or religious beliefs that feel wonderful in this environment. However earlier there was no respect between different types of people groups. In conclusion, I strongly feel that we have efficient and better lives than our parents. It’s easy now to get information, and study online. In addition to people are more respectful with each other.
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