In some countries, small town-center shops are going out of business because people tend to drive to large out-of-town stores. As a result, people without cars have limited access to out-of town stores, and it may result in an increase in the use of cars. Do you think the disadvantages of this change outweigh its advantages?

Nowadays, some people prefer to buy their needs from large department stores rather than small local shops. Although it may cause some problems, especially for people who do not have private cars, I believe that the advantages do outweigh the disadvantages. On the one hand, buying from large stores can cause certain problems. First, small local businesses may be endangered vanishing. For instance, local supermarkets can not continue anymore. Second, It may be difficult for people who do not have a private car, to reach large out-of-town stores. Especially in the case that, there are not any metro or bus stations near the department store. As a result, people have to take a taxi or rent a car to reach there, which means spending more money for them. Finally, buying from large department stores can lead to compulsive buying ,because people purchase commodities that they do not need. Despite the drawbacks mentioned above, buying from large stores has many advantages both for people and society. It can decrease the traffic and crowds in city centers and spread it outsides of the center. As a result, air pollution will be decreased in city centers. Furthermore, finding parking space in central parts of the city is a disaster, sometimes it is impossible to find a suitable parking space and finally, people have to put their cars far from the store and walk a long way to reach the shop. The second advantage is that people can purchase all the necessary commodities from a particular shopping center. Most of these large shopping stores provide different kinds of products such as clothing, makeup and beauty items, daily food, pet shops, and so on. Therefore, people can purchase all their needs in one visit. In conclusion, although buying from large shopping centers can cause certain problems, however, I think it can bring more advantages both for society and individuals.
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