In the current era humans feel less satisfied compared to our ancestors

In the past of time, some people believe that in the current era humans feel less satisfied compared to our ancestors. This questionable observation makes me disagree . The following paragraphs will explain why I feel that current people feel more satisfied than in the past. First of all, Our world's situation is more comfortable and improved living standards for citizens around the globe. For instance, the modern population has electronic devices such as television, air conditioner, washing machine, etc. That gives people living easier compared to middle-aged people that need to do all the chores by themself. Imagine that if modern people time-travel to middle age. They definitely despaired in that living condition. Secondly, Nowadays we can satisfy our curiosity and experience instantly. People can see and hear information from another side of the Earth at their fingertips. This should be magic from our ancestor's perspective. To give a clear example, Most people in the third world can access mobile devices with an internet connection which gives them the opportunities to learn new things and see quality content from around the world. That can not be possible in the past and ancient people may live in fear and mystery. Lastly, Our medical development to better health standards gives world population lives longer and healthier. For example, People now have an average age of 70-year-old approximately. It might be twice the age of fifteen-century people. Moreover, we can survive infectious diseases that kill many people in the past, such as bacterial diarrhea, pneumonia, etc. That gives new chances to people to not fear unnecessary death. In conclusion, our world is better and better. We live in better living conditions in health and knowledge. Some people just romanticize world in the past that they never experienced themself. But if we carefully consider the fact from the data and look around ourselves, we definitely see how comfortable we can have and how much knowledge we can acquire. That makes me happy to live in this day.
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