Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important for governments to spend money to improve Internet access than to improve public transportation. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

There is the iscussion about should governments spend budget whether on improve internet access or public transportation. My opinion strongly agrees with the idea of investing in public transport. This essay will explain my idea. Firstly, Public transportation is vital for people's life. Like a blood vessel that provides nutrition and oxygen to organs. Daily life depends on transportation, for example,children go to school, and arents go to workplaces. Efficiency and affordable public transportation improve human life and decrease waste time on the roads. Secondly, Nowadays internet access had already accessible in many places, especially on the mobile phones that everybody already had. If your Internet does not good enough, you can purchase more quality internet access from a private company. But if public transport is not good enough, you just can not buy more cars because it will make more traffic jams. Public transportation is a big-picture issue that needs government management. Lastly, Every well-managed country have state-of-the-art public transportation that citizen paid less for transportation and have more time for their productivity or their family. If citizens has to spend more time and money on transportation, it will decrease overall productivity. Moreover, poor public transportation will cause air and noise pollution from more cars on the roads. These lead to population health problems which will be a long term issue that are preventable by well-planned public transportation. There is a critical policy decision for the government, and prioritization of the problem and having causation logic will help the decision. I hope that this essay will sound logical and visualize the importance of public transportation over internet access. One wise decision will make future generations live healthier and happier. Imagine that you can choose whether you and your children wake up and go to the nearby bus stop for school and work or have to wake up at 4.00AM to hurry to the cars and drive for 3 hours for school and work.
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