Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Governments should spend more money in support of the arts than in support of athletics such as state-sponsored Olympic teams. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I personally believe that spending on art rather than athletics will have more returns in the future. To support my idea I have a few reasons which will be explained in this essay. First, I suspect that the amount of funding for art work and athletics is not comparable. If we exclude ancient works, government does not value the art work and almost all other artistic works are contributed to and preserved by private owners, or private museums. Second, I believe that funding for arts would have greater coverage, meaning more people could be included. As many professional sports require physical talents that few people have, there are artistic activities that everyone can involve. Even people with disabilities can find specific types of art. Furthermore, as the computer arts grow, this coverage would increase. Third, with the emergence of AI, many middle-level workers could be replaced by artificial devices, and many human tasks would be given to them. As many experts in the I field believe, the only source of difference between us and those machines is our creativity and ability to create sophisticated art works. therefore prserving art and contributing to artists, must be one of the major concerns of the government in the near future. And finally, if we assume investing in each of mentioned sections would increase the attention or participants of them, then the spread of art among ordinary people would have a great repay. As some research suggests that artistic works like playing music and painting could improve creativity and would decrease common older age illnesses like amnesia. On the other hand athletics in many sports would resign professionally at age of 30 at most, but artists can pursue their carrier to the last ages of their lives. In conclusion, with these four reasons I am convinced that if we were selecting between funding art works and supporting athletics, art would have a higher priority. Because 1) it is not well supported already 2) have more coverage 3) new technology can danger its existence 4) have more return than athletics.
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