Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “It is better to read books on an electronic device than it is to read traditional books on paper.”

We live in a time were many things that were traditionally done using paper are being replaced by electronic devices. For instance, money is being replaced with credit cards and electronic payments, notebooks with tablets and books with devices such as the Amazon Kindle. I think that in general but specially in reading, electronic devices are preferable to paper for 2 reasons. First, books are heavy and unpractical to be carried around. They vary in shapes and sizes which make them hard to fit in bags, and when traveling, you usually have to pick just one book to take, so that it is not uncomfortable to carry around. Electronic devices solve this issue by fitting as many books as your storage space would allow which in the worst case could fit even 15 books at once. Furthermore, it does not matter how many books you add it will always be light and portable, additionally, pages wont be damaged because there is no paper involved! Second, as technology advances many issues surrounding electronic reading devices have been fixed. Many people argue that paper books are better because you can read in the sun without having to squint your eyes, and you dont have to worry about battery running out. However, electronic paper which is the main technology used right now, allows the reader to see the screen in any condition. Also, electronic reading devices are now waterproof and the battery lasts for days. My personal experience is compeling evidence of this. I am an avid reader (2 hours a day) and I havent charged my kindle in months. To conclude, electronic devices always have some problems when they first come out, nevertheless, as time goes on this issues are fixed and the electronic experience becomes superior to the physical one which in this case is true for reading books.
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