The Question Movies and television strongly influence the way people behave. Do you agree or disagree? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

The reading and listening have contrasting opinions on whether the recent decline in reading literature is harmful or not. The former states that this is bad, as a decline in reading literature can have unfortunate implications for the readers, culture and the future of literature. However, the professor, states that this is not the case for the following three reasons. First of all, the author asserts that the greatest decline in reading has been in literature. And, this decline is very unfortunate because people are missing out on the many benefits of literature, such as, using one’s imagination, gaining a better understanding of language, and showing empathy. On the other hand, the listening rebuts this by stating that books other than literature can also provide similar benefits. For example, scientific, historical and political writing also help one to exercise their imaginations and gain knowledge. Secondly, the text states that literature is being supplanted by self-help books which are not well written and also by movies, TV shows and music videos. This is said to have worsened the culture. But in the lecture, it is argued that the public engaging in other activities such as music or movies doesn’t have deleterious effects on culture. According to the lecture, one cannot consider that listening to a nice song or watching a movie can be considered a waste of time. Finally, the passage finds the decline in literature readers is particularly unfortunate, because, there are many genius writers today, but they are unable to gain an audience. Nevertheless, the lecturer refutes this by saying that the lack of an audience can be imputed to the style of writing chosen by the writers. Writers tend to purposely make their text esoteric. Therefore, she states that even earlier generations would not be inclined to read today’s literature.
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