A person should never make an important decision alone.

Decision-making is a critical quality one must possess, taking decisions using our own gut feeling often gives acceptable outcomes. I would mostly disagree that making conclusions should be reviewed. I assert this for a few reasons which I will be exampling in this essay. First and foremost, even though drawing end statements go wrong It is one’s personal decision and people won’t have anyone to blame. When a self-decision goes the opposite way a man or woman would not have anyone to blame and he or she learns from their mistakes and eventually get ready for an extreme task. This can be illustrated by my own life experience. Two years back when I was in college I needed some money from my daily experiences. So I started doing crypto trading, on one such big trade I asked my friend’s opinion on buying crypto. Unfortunately, that buy was a huge loss for me, and my friend was filled with guilt because I wouldn't stop cursing him. One month later I got another crypto, this time I was the main character and I ended up getting good profits. If I had not considered my friend's sayings I would have been a millionaire by now. Secondly, not all people would want you to be successful in life. Except for our parents no one in this world would wish us to be in a good place as jealousy plays an important role in this contemporary world. This One time, my brother wanted to do higher studies in the USA. For that to happen he had to clear many exams. When my brother asked told this one of his friends. He was jealous that he is going to study in a foreign country. So he made my brother scoreless in exams by suggesting to him some irrelevant study materials. If my brother had not shared his decision with his friend, he would have cleared his exam on the first attempt. In conclusion, I say that making decisions on our own is the best thing we can do for our well-being.
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