If parents want their children to succeed in the future, which of the following things should they teach them? How to be honest How to be helpful How to be patient

Every parent wants to see their child succeed. An important thing to remember is that to achieve success, one must learn a few lessons that will help them throughout their journey. One of those lessons, parents can teach their children is how to be patient. The reason why I believe patience must be taught is described in the following paragraphs. First and foremost, success is a long journey that on multiple occasions will leave you tired. That is why patience is important because it teaches you to hold your ground in the face of obstacles. My own experience is a great example of how patience helped me reach my goal. Last year, when I applied for higher education scholarships at several universities, I was not prepared for the obstacles that I would have to face. From failed tests to a lack of sufficient funds, I could see how my dream of studying abroad was slowly fading away. However, during that time, my father helped me restore my faith in my dreams. He recalled the time when he was experiencing financial loss in his business and how helpless the entire situation had become. The only way out for him began with him tackling hardships one at a time with patience. That way, he was able to find solutions to the problems and also keep his business afloat. From his experience, I understood that patience is the key to overcoming hurdles. Learning the importance of patience helped me during my trying times ultimately bringing me closer to my goals. Furthermore, teaching kids the importance of being patient instills a number of skills in them like efficient decision-making and finance handling. For instance, my 10-year-old brother is given a monthly allowance. The purpose of giving a monthly allowance is to teach my brother the importance of patience when they have the urge to buy something expensive. In the beginning, he used to buy toys and comic books, which were a complete waste of money, leaving him no penny at the end of the month. However, gradually with time, he understood the importance of spending wisely and patience to resist extravagant indulgence. As a result, with the help of his savings, he has opened his very own account in the bank. In conclusion, I believe that parents must teach their children how to be patient. That is so because there will be times in life when obstacles and opportunities will compel them to make irrational choices that would lead to negative consequences.
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