When employees feel that the management of their company is doing something wrong, what do you think is the best way for them to respond? Talking to the media or Speaking to the management directly Discussing the problem with each other

Organizations prosper when employee demands are met and efforts are made to solve their problems. Similarly, it is also the employees’ responsibility to take every problem up with the management rather than deal with the issues on their own. That is why I believe that when employees feel that the management of their company is doing something wrong, the workers must talk directly with the management. The reason why I feel this way is described in the following paragraphs. First and foremost, a group of people raising their voices against an issue has a positive impact as opposed to remaining silent. Companies need a strong workforce in order to grow. So when employees speak directly with the management, the higher department is forced to find a solution that would retain employees. My own experience is a great example of how speaking with the management delivers promising outcomes. Back in 2019, I was working as a senior content writer at a renowned company. A few months into the job, including me the employees noticed that without prior warnings, the timeline for delivering the task was reduced from 24 hours to 12 hours. This resulted in incomplete task submission which led to deductions in pay. This behavior led every employee to have a word with the management. After multiple days of visiting their offices, the management finally paid heed to our complaint and extended the hours which enabled every worker to deliver quality work on time. Furthermore, speaking with management is also an effective solution when a particular employee finds themselves in a dire situation. For instance, when I was working in a school’s head office, the senior manager working there on most occasions would give me a tough time. He would find faults in my work and would assign me extra tasks even after office hours. One day, I decided to report these issues to the management. Upon my complaint, they immediately took action and issued a warning to the senior manager. If my thinking hadn’t prompted me to approach the management regarding this issue, I would have never found a way out of the problem. In conclusion, I believe that whenever a company’s management is doing something unethical, the best way to approach them is by talking with them directly. That is because raising your voice against unjust matters is more likely to solve the problem than remaining silent. Additionally, speaking up also prevents matters from getting worse.
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