Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Our current way of life will have a negative impact on future generations.

I actually do agree with the statement "Our current way of life will have a negative impact on our future generation".The present world is more civilized and advanced than it was in the past.But though it has been a blessing in our lives,it also has taken away a lot from us. Due to advancement of science and technology our life has become easy.While availing the positive impacts that progressive world has given us we have also embraced the curse it has brought along with the positive impacts.People are leading a sedentary lifestyle these days.This has lead them to obesity.A leading cause of death of the present time is coronary diseases which is closely related to obesity. Also people tend to be more busy with the work.And the main mode of socialization currently is through social media.Take the house warming party that I went to last week as an example.We are suppose to have a quality time in through parties by socialising.But immediately after exchanging greeting and taking pictures we got busy posting those in social media platform.Hence instead of living in the moment we got busy with superficial thing. During my childhood days I used to go play with my friends in the playground.As sports used to be the main mode of recreation.But these days we see more people playing on playstations at home than on field. As more people have become career oriented,They no longer seem to have time for forming families.Take Japan for example.The birth rate in Japan has become negative.That is more people dies each year than the babies born.If this keeps continuing then the country might go extinct in the future.Well the reason?Loads of work to do yet so little time. People seem to have less quality time than before.Less time than before.The result of this won't be very fruitful in the long run.As our future generation learning it from us therefore their condition might become even worse in the future. In a nutshell,though our current mode of life is easier than it was in the past but if we look in the big picture the quality of our life has decreased significantly.Hence I absolutely agree with the statement "Our current way of life will have a negative impact on our future generation".
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