Summarize the point made in the lecture and explain how the speaker cast doubt on specific points made in the reading passage.

The article and conference deal with the decline of sea otters from the west coast of California to Alaska, which has been the subject of research by experts. While the author of the reading thinks that is likely that the death of small mammals is produced by environmental pollution for three specific reasons, the lecturer opposes the author’s claims. In his opinion, the lack of sea otters on the coast is due to the attack of predators. First, the writer claims that the population, who live in the area, knows that the cause of pollution on the Alaska coastline is the oil rings. Furthermore, it is stated in the article that there is research that confirms water contamination by chemists along the shore. In contrast, the lecturer argues that the sea otter's decline is produced by predators which kill the small mammals on the coast. Additionally, he maintains that the complete disappearance of otter bodies, does not occur when environmental contamination is the cause. Second, the author mentions another reason which is likely that pollution is the cause of the death of sea otters, and it is because the problem is happening in the same areas of the coast and affecting all sea mammals that live there.
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