It is better to have lots of friends than it is to have just a few friends

Many people have the opinion that having a lots of friends is always better than having just a few number of selective friends. However, in my opinion, I disagree with this stance for primarily 3 reasons. First of all, Selective friends can prove to be a fixed number of people to whome one can reach out for help. As the number of people are less, in case of emergence, one doesn't have to think twice as to whome to call for help. Having 2-3 close friends who can come to help you in case of need, is any day better than a group of rather distant friends who don't prioritize you. For example, it can happen that you are in need of someone to look after your ill mother as you're going out of town due to urgent work. In this condition, you know who are the people you can freely ask for help. Whereas, asking for help to a whole group might not seem feasible. Also if the friends are distant, then it can prove to be difficult to ask them for help in the first place. Thus, having few trustworthy friends is better than a greater number of distant friends.. Secondly, Few friends will help you to reach a solid conclusive advice. This is because, even though there can be few overlapping advices, they can always be resolved as the number of people are less. For example, if you need advice to invest, One friend can say to invest in stocks other can say to invest in mutual funds. But at the end of the day, they can't deviate from the main point that their friend needs help investing, and so they might work out a solution that is best suited for the person. On the other hand, a huge friends group can have multiple opinions and suggesions as to where to invest. And without anyone noticing, the conversation becomes a debate, and completely deviates from the initial advice point of view. Thus, more people means more varied advices that are not in your best view. Lastly, Having a few friends will narrow down your need for unrealistic expectations. This is because, it is never true that a huge group of friends has people who are all closely-Knit. There are always a few people who have feuds with others within a group but have to stay together because the group demands so. For example, two people who have some tension between them, tolerate each other during the group meet and this belies the happy and "big yet close" friends group that they portray have. Whereas on the other hand, having 2-3 friends won't tolerate each other for anyone's sake if they are not happy, will help the friendship to be realistic at the least. At the same time, issues within a small group can be easily resolved if tried. Thus, having a huge group can lead to many unresolved issues and fake friendships. In conclusion, for the above three reasons I argue that having a small group of friends is any day better and beneficial than having a big group of friends.
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