Your friend wants to lose weight. What advice would you give to your friend and why?

These days issue how to lose mass become popular question, approximately 45% of humans dissatisfied by their figure. Although some argue that we should love our body and our nature, I believe that despite of love, you should take care of your body, cause overweight it is dangerous for our organism. First of all, I believe that in order to get rid of excess weight you must have physical activities. In other words, sport has crucial affect to our body. Sport helps us to have great figure also you can lose your fat or unnecessary calories. Moreover, it will not just affect to weight also it will stretch your body and develop flexibility. For instance, I already had experience. Once I get overweight, my mass was roughly 98kg. My big fear was stairs. Then I went to gym. I was working days and nights doing exercises but after 4 months, finally, I got rid of 20 kg. My body felt so powerful. I did not only lose my weight also I increased size of my muscles. Secondly, food is our fuel. This is because our body, immune system, digestive system is influenced by what we eat. Self-discipline one of the important key to achieve this goal. A clear illustration of this is that active clients of McDonalds. Their meals contain a huge calorie. You can not burn out just by sitting on same place, Moreover, you do not need huge amounts calories to maintain body. Instead, you can choose salads, dietary dishes. Maybe some of they are not as delicious as burgers. However, your body will be happy to digest it. In conclusion, sport activity and food filtering are your way to dream body. Therefore, although I acknowledge that it takes time, I tend to believe time and discipline worth to your health.
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