Advances in transportation and communication like the airplane and the telephone have changed the way that nations interact with each other ·in a global society. Choose another technological innovation that you think is important. Give specific reasons for your choice.

The reading and lecture are about "altruism", which is define as a selfless characteristic. The author states that a creature "meerkat" represents altruism in his behaviour. The lecturer claims doubts on the evidence made in the article as it is not supported by the current research. First of all, the lecturer states that meerkats do not compromise their food, for his group members. He further elaborates on this by mentioning that the sentinel meerkat used to consume his food priorly before keeping an eye on the predator. Hence, this point of writer regarding "food" is strongly opposed by the professor. According to the reading, sentinel meerkat think of other members first before their own food, which highlights their selfless nature. Secondly, the speaker argues that as meerkat is the first one to observe a predator like a hawk,soon after warning his team regarding the risk, he can quickly escape and find a safe place. Furthermore, he states that his position to watch any dangerous animal is near the burrow which can ease his work to hide quickly inside the burrow.Hence, the sentinel meerkat's life is relatively safe than the other members which prove that the meerkat does not compromise in order to benefit others. This argument clearly challenges the author's viewpoint. According to the author, the meerkat risks his own life, in the process of protecting other species. Finally, the lecturer claims that as the sentinel meerkat is standing alone, it will be much easy to save his life than the rest of the team members.He further states that as other species are in a group, it will eventually create a lot of chaos and disturbances, which can assist the hunter to find them.This point is specifically rebutted by the author's viewpoint. According to the writer, the sentinel meerkat"s life is in great danger, as it is isolated in order to supervise the group. So in conclusion, one can see both the author and professor hold conflicting viewpoints.
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