Computers are increasingly used in education. In which areas do you think are computers more important and in which areas are teachers more important?

Nowadays, computers often play a key role in education. They are more important in some aspects of learning while in other aspects, instructors are deemed importantly. To begin with, there are some areas in which pupils should use computers. Firstly, getting online via computers is one of the best ways to increase individual’s knowledge and information learned in their classes. Moreover, students can search what they find difficult to understand within a few clicks. Secondly, there are is numerous softwares which that learners could install and utilize them as an extra means of learning. For example, Microsoft office including word, powerpoint, and excel is one of the most helpful software everyone had better learn how to use them. In fact, knowing how to use these this software and others according to an individual’s field of study not only help them to expand their knowledge but also is useful helpful for their future occupation. As a result, computers are deemed important as an extra means of learning. On the other hand, teachers have a great impact on students’ education. In other words, learning new information and ideas is more efficient when instructors teach them for, learning has various aspects such as listening, watching, and thinking and efficient learning would result by no means of the physical presence of teachers. In addition, teachers play a key role to motivate pupils. In other words, in some areas in which individuals have several problems and find them difficult to deal with, teachers may solve ones and act in the a way to motivate pupils’ interests. In conclusion, according to the facts mentioned above, computers can complement teachers’ instruction and both computers and instructors play an important role in some areas of education.
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