Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? All university students should be required to take at least one class that teaches the culture of a country other than their own. Use specific reasons and example to support your opinion.

In this progressive world where we live, educational matters and universities play a pivotal role in the life of human beings since they have tremendous impacts on their success and life quality. In this regard, many social experts hold the opinion that it is inevitably essential for university pupils to be required to take some mandatory courses about other countries' culture. So far as I am concerned, I could not agree more with the mentioned perspective. In the next following paragraphs, I shall elucidate the reasons behind my viewpoint. First and foremost, taking courses about different cultures, student will be able to achieve extraordinary achievements. To be more specific, when students with various majors and educational backgrounds study about other cultures, they will acquire a deep knowledge about other countries. As a result, after graduation, students can use these knowledge and insight in their lives, rendering them a superb opportunity in comparison with their peers. My friend's experience perfectly illustrate this notion. His field of study was fashion even though he was passionate about learning Iraq's culture, Iran's neighbor. Hence, he took some courses about its language and culture that helped him to have a remarkable trip to Iraq after passing those course. When he came back, he established a company, producing cloths suitable to Iraqi' culture. When most fashion companies got destroyed in Iraq due to the civil war, the amount of cloths his company exported to Iraq and other Arab companies exploded. Through his knowledge of Arabian culture, he became a millionaire and the most prosperous person between his peers since none of them had such great cultural insight. The second reason why I advocate this point of view lies beneath the fact that through obliging such university courses, societies will have an awesome chance to get more and more developed. As a matter of fact, such courses increase interaction between cultures, so having cultural courses contributes to the enhancement of people's insight about theirs’ weak point and benefits. Therefore, people will be capable of eliminating weak points of their cultures, engendering the development of cultures. For instance, my own country, Iran, has gone through such path in the last two centuries. As far as I remember, from 100 years ago, university students have got been encouraged to study about European countries to discover reasons of their developments. That encouragement gave rise to a tendency between some students to go and see European countries such as England or France and learn about not only industrials achievements but also modern social developments like democracy in Europe. Coming back to Iran, those adventurous students publish numerous books derived from their notes and observation of those modern societies. After that, they tried to make Persian people aware of their misbehaviors and misbeliefs so that fix the Iranian community. Thanks those diligent students’ perseverance, their books enlightened people and declined ignorance thoughts governing our society in that era. To sum up, considering all the aforementioned reasons in to the account, it is not an unreasonable extrapolation to conclude that peoples' success and the prosperity and development of communities are contingent upon students' knowledge of different cultures. That is why students should be required to take cultural courses regardless of their field of study.
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