Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Because modern life is very complex, it is essential for young people to have the ability to plan and organize.

Modern life is indeed very complex and thus it is important for young people to have strong organizational abilities and the ability to plan. Despite this reality and despite the fact that the ability to plan is indeed very important, I also believe that it is incredibly important to be able to improvise as well. Being able to adapt to change is just as important as being able to plan. Especially in a world so complicated and so unpredictable, changes in plans are practically inevitable. I do believe in maintaining balance, so I do not think that one should unconditionally support one extreme or the other. One can recognize the importance of organization while simultaneously still value the ability to improvise. These two very important skills are not mutually exclusive and thus can both be cultivated at the same time. The ability to plan and organize is very crucial because without a general plan, young people would not have much direction in their life development. The importance of mapping out a life route gives young people a general outline of how to live their lives and develop in these critical years. I believe that if one absolutely has no plan and no ability to organize, then they would probably lead a very impulsive and unpredictable life. It would be hard to move forward with life if there is no particular goal. If one is not organized, then their ability to keep track of activities throughout their daily lives will be severely impacted and could cause many potential complications. Being able to plan and organize could potentially save someone a lot of trouble while making them well prepared for the future. Even though the ability to plan and organize is incredibly important, I also believe that the ability to improvise and adapt to change is also imperative. Being about to improvise and adapt does not make one disorganized. Improvisation and adaptation in one's life just demonstrates that if something does not go according to plan, that one has the ability to adjust accordingly. I have found that throughout my own personal life experiences and observations, many people are very apprehensive about their life plans and thus have a lot of difficulty adapting to sudden changes. Modern life is incredibly complex so thus being able to make adjustments when plans fall apart or plans do not develop as expected is another important skill to have in life along with good planning and organizational skills. In summary, I strongly believe that young people must have the ability to plan and organize in our modern society. I think that these skills are important for being able to navigate in such a complicated world. Since this world is rather complicated and hard to predict, I also strongly adhere to the idea that people need to ability to adapt to changes as well and should be ready to adjust accordingly when plans suddenly do not unfold as expected. In short, one should have a plan and be able to have good organizational skills while being prepared to adjust if the situation calls for an adjustment.
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