"Parents should read their children’s text messages."

First of all, parents can save their kids from going into wrong path. As in a coin there are two sides, technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays, as the young generation are more inclined towards cell phones for their everyday life, it becomes extremely essential for adults to look after them. For instance, my younger brother spend a maximum of his time over the phone. Moreover, his behavior was not polite as once it was before. My Mom got worried, and so she thought of going through his text messages in order to know his group of friends. It was really shocking to know, as there were messages related to "Smoking" and "gambling" in his watsapp group. Soon after that day, his cell phone was taken away from him, and he was advised to make good friends which can influence his life positively. This example, clearly demonstrates how important it is for the parents to access a child's phone in order to guide them in an accurate direction. Secondly, parents can build healthy and friendly relationship with their kids, if they are aware of their life. For instance, my dad saw one of my text message which I shared with my friend. It was mentioned that "I wished to buy my own cycle". Since he know about it, he helped me to fulfill this desire. Along with it, he advised me to save monthly pocket money and to avoid unnecessary expenses. Hence after seeking his suggestions, I managed to buy my own cycle very quickly. So in conclusion, I strongly believe that parents should go through their child's mobile phone. This is because they can correct their child's mistake and can develop a friendly bond which every child seeks for. I highly recommend that parents and children should share their personal information. If this occur, it can be predicted that no child will hide anything from their parents.
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