It is difficult for teachers to be both popular (well liked)and effective in helping students learn.

In the modern era, education is a fundamental part of every person's life. Therefore, One cannot play down the powerful influence of teachers on society. The controversial question which arises here is whether it is hard or even impossible for teachers to be well-liked and helpful simultaneously. I strongly disagree with this statement. In what follows, two elaborate reasons will vindicate my standpoint. The first vital point to bear in mind is that popularity is an outcome of usefulness. For instance, I started my vocation as an assistant 4 years ago. At the beginning of the year, I was not skillful and expert enough to encourage the students to take my classes and motivate them to listen to the lecture the whole time. after a while, I gained that skill and my classes were not boring anymore so they were full of students and a lot of them enjoyed my lectures and all the students of that school knew me as the best teacher of there. The second noteworthy reason is that the emotions you have for one lecturer, will affect the process of obtaining knowledge from their lectures. The more the students like you, the more influence you will have on them. My own experience as a student demonstrates convincing evidence of this. I had a literature teacher who was the most famous and skillful teacher in Tabriz, the city where I attended my high school. Her amazing teaching made me fall in love with literature and although I had not passed the previous literature course, I got the highest score of all school. To bring everything into the conclusion, there is a correlation between fame and effectiveness. When you achieve one of them, you will automatically approach the other one too.
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