Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Universities should require all students to gain some working experience as part-time employees or interns before they can graduate.Use specific reasons and examples to support

Although people believe that school is just to study, the ongoing era does not permit it. Due to experience being better than a bachelor's degree, Students must look for a job that brings them enough knowledge for their professional life. Because success is linked to working time, and a kind of this activity gives money that pays institutional fees. Firstly, getting a job and keeping on it is not easy, so the colleges must increase free time in the last semesters. This implies students can look for a profession and schools can make it obligatory for everyone to search for an activity that gives new knowledge. For instance, I got a special program at a mine, however, the university did not give me access to go. So I went without help and it was not possible to reduce my signatures hours. This experience would have been better if my college had given to help me. Secondly, owing to the current century, professionals have grown up too much. So life is turbulent. Moreover, Working activities are less, so students need to be more qualified, In my case, metallurgical engineers are more than before, and the opportunities are not going up. Due to this occasion, I have to learn about new topics like science data or python programming for getting a place. On another hand, People can win money by working, and they can pay their loans. Furthermore, employment brings professional rights and money, scholar people can win enough to pay for something like food, material, or something like that. For example, mine pays me around 600 dollars, and I can get a new laptop. In conclusion, A part-time job is a good idea for all colleges, and it is necessary to make it obligatory. Nonetheless, schools might not permit it, because the business is teaching, not working.
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