Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Nowadays people are more willing to help people they don't know (for example, by giving clothing and food to people who need them) than they were in the past.

One positive feature in societies is their inclination towards helping people. There is no shortage of debate among scholars on whether there is more tendency to donate to the poor in today's world or whether this inclination was more prominent in the past. As for this writer's opinion, I subscribe to the former idea. I feel this for two reasons, explored in the following essay. To begin with, there are many sources of income for people with the advent of state-of-the-art technologies and new occupations, so they afford to help the poor, even ones they did not know. To elaborate, people were preoccupied with low-income jobs such as farming or breeding cattle in the past. As a result, they could barely provide their living necessities, so they could not help their poor neighbors or friends. The other feature of being affluent nowadays is that people purchase many items beyond their needs, and due to a lack of space in their condominium, they are obliged to donate them to people they do not know. Furthermore, people get familiar with anonymous individuals conveniently due to improvements in means of communication. To put it more vividly, people in the past were familiar with the people in their neighborhoods but there were no other sources of communication with other people in the town or even the country. However, the tools such as Facebook, Instagram, and other media help people to find others. The wealthier people get familiar with poor individuals, the more are they likely to feel for them and donate clothing and food to them. My personal experience is a compelling illustration of this notion. My father always has the willingness to help the poverty-stricken part of society. However, he only knew a few people in the family with monetary problems that he could help with in the past. But now, he is a member of an Instagram page that introduce many poor people throughout the country; thus, he helps many people whom he does not know around the country. In sum, with all this taken into account, people are more inclined to donate to unknown persons. It is because not only are they wealthier compared to the past to help people, but they also have access to novel means of acquaintance with other people they do not know, which increases the probability of their help.
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