Life today is easier than it was when our grandparents were children

Some people may claim that life of our grandparents were more easygoing than ours because they didn’t had to worry about any exams such as TOEFL, GRE etc. .However, I don’t agree from the above stance for the following two reasons. To begin with, life today is much easier for children because they have luxurious products to protect them from any mishappenings. For an example, the child today sleeps on a soft and comfortable bed inside a room whereas our grandparents used to sleep on the hard concrete floors and under the sky, so the snake bites and deaths were common due to extreme weather during these earlier days. The advancement of the luxurious products has made them accessible to each and every children in the world. Whereas, in the earlier times, it was only rich who had access to such products. Thus, these luxury products has not only given luxury to childrens but also provided them with protection. Secondly, today children’s life is more easier because of the presence of Internet, Television and Video games. For an example, a child now can interact with another kid thorugh the social media which is sitting miles away from their houses broadening their ability to accept other culture, but our grandparents used to live in their confined place with people alike to them, never getting exposure of other cultures. Also, child nowadays have plethora of options of interesting and fun video games such as PUBG, Angrybirds where children can interact through internet whereas the our grandparents had only limited options such as ice and water where all they used to do is run after each other and doing nothing interesting. The above two mentioned points makes it clear that life today is n
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