Young people enjoy life more than older people do

Most people agree that older people enjoy life more than young people do. In my personal view, life is more enjoyable for youngsters because they have the energy and the motivation they need to accomplish something. I feel this way for two reasons which I will investigate in the following essay. Firstly, young people have more free time than older people. They can spend their spare time in many ways such as learning to play an instrument, trying to speak a foreign language, hanging out with their friends, or even playing computer games. That’s why they are more likely to feel more satisfaction than older people do. Young people are also healthier than older people. Their health enables them to be energetic all the time. Some young people are financially and morally supported by their families. On the other hand, old people have to take care of themselves which makes life much more difficult for them. Therefore, old people may not have time for entertaining activities which makes life dull for them. For example, most old people are married and have children. They have to work hard in order to provide their families with the required products. However, their children only deal with their education and have much more free time to have fun with their friends. Consequently, life is much more enjoyable for young people compared to the old. Secondly, old people are already experienced. They have been in difficult situations which made them less likely to have fun. In contrast to old people, the young are not fully matured so they can be more joyous compared to old people. For instance, when a 20 years old person gets admitted to a university, he or she is extremely excited and happy. However, when a 40 years old man gets into a university for a master’s degree, he or she will be less excited because he was once accepted and experienced university life. Moreover, the people who study for a master’s degree are more strict and dull compared to young people who study for a bachelor’s degree. In conclusion, young people are more likely to have fun and be joyous. It is because they are more energetic, healthier and less mature than old people. That is why they enjoy life much more than old people do.
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