Some people think that newspapers are the best way to get news. However, others believe that they can get news better through other media platforms. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The news is one way for people to know the important things that are going on, it has been used since humans started using the first language. The news spread methods, however, have been developing a lot in a few decades, from newspapers to online news websites. The newspaper is a delivery service, and people who register the newspaper subscription will receive the newspaper from the news providers daily. Newspaper subscription was truly popular during the 20th century, almost every household subscribed to the newspaper service from at least one newspaper provider. However, newspaper providers nowadays have become less popular since the beginning of the 21st century, because of the popularity of online news service for many reasons; some people still think that newspaper is better than other news platforms, such as online news service. Howbeit, there are numerous indisputable reasons to obviously indicate that another media platform, online news service, is a way better to receive the news than the newspaper. Firstly, online news service is free, unlike newspaper subscription. In the past, newspaper subscription costs plenty of money for many reasons, for example, newspaper providers need to spend a lot of money on paperboys, the workers who deliver the newspaper to the household that subscribe to the newspaper service. The online news services, however, are mostly free. Some providers are still providing a premium subscription to access more articles but most of the articles, which are on websites, are free. Everyone can access it without any cost, the premium subscription is a choice, not an obligation. Secondly, online news service is more convenient, unlike newspaper service. Newspaper service normally delivers the news to the subscribers daily, weekly, or even monthly, unlike online news service, which normally creates new articles hourly and it even sends a notification to the reader, when the article has been uploaded. Everyone can access new articles hourly, unlike the newspaper, which the subscriber needs to wait every day for the newspaper to read it. Thirdly, readers can read online news services internationally, unlike newspaper services. Unlike almost every newspaper provider, which offers the article to every reader, who resides in the same country or even out of the country, most newspaper providers do not offer the newspaper subscription to readers who reside in overseas countries. In conclusion, international shipping, convenience, and cost are the main reasons to argue against the statement and to indicate that newspaper is way worse for the reader, to read the news article.
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