Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Universities should require all students to gain some working experience as part-time employees or interns before they can graduate.Use specific reasons and examples to support

Nowadays the work experience is high valued in many regards. In the interviews people who have work experience possesses a advantage against people who don not have. Moreover divergent countries value work experience completely different. Some places like South Asia and Australia people tend to gain work experience after they graduated. On the other hand places like Europe and USA people opt to gain work experience due to study years. Personally speaking I think students must acquire work experience until they graduate. I have several reasons to explain my main aspect. To begin with, now people opt to value time more than before nineteenth century. It means they try to save time in any cases and situations if it necessary. According to study researches people who study, wants to finish their program's as earlier as possible even they manage to finish other programs such as musical or sport. So my personal experience is compelling example of it. When I went to high school I knew that this last 5 years of study program will finish very soon, negligibly. That time my dream job was to be musician, so I started to learn musical instruments such as komuz and piano. So as I told you before this 5 years pasted rapidly. And eventually I asked my self did I succeed in something in this 5 years, and it is turned out that’s I completely advanced in music. Finally it assisted me to become musician. And pass to one of the renowned and quality university in our country. Secondly university provides good opportunities to get work experience to the students. Rather than spending time and looking for job, university department gives work that we like, diminishing the head problems. For instance when I graduated the university I went to occupation interviews to get job but unfortunately interviewers did not give a job, since they require work experience. So I literally lived with interviewers because nobody give a job to me and also I spend months searching for jobs. Afterwards I met with ex university advisor he told me that university 2016 2017 when I was studying, that university department provided excellent opportunities for purples. So knowing that, that I lost my chance I regretted about my acts that I did my early 20th. To conclude I strongly believe that the best time to get a work experience is due to university years. This is because opportunities that I loose and because of time.
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